Matthew Hughes Boyko (US)

Still Loving You, 6min. 30sec. Digital Video, 2007


Matthew Hughes Boyko is an artist, a brand and single.

Matthew is often working as a photographer, director, producer and actor, frequently combining these roles into projects that rely heavily on his background in photography, theatre and design. He employs the performative aspects of photography in his video works and uses the experience of the photoshoot to highlight the theatricality of presenting your self in particular experiences, most notably proms and other ritualistic portrait projects. His work is heavily influenced by rites of passage, power dynamics in real situations and the savory, celebrity enticement of such stars as: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lacey Chabert, Tara Reid, Christian Bale, Jude Law, Jake Busey and many many more.

He received his BA from Drury University, spent a year in UC Berkeley's graduate Fine Arts program and earned his MFA at California College of the Arts.

He has exhibited widely in both solo and group shows as well as screened his video works both nationally and internationally. Recently, Matthew has continued his work on the method and effect of presenting a real self in the era of Internet personalities and has continued to develop works derived from the always ample source of celebrity. Currently he is producing works from the films of his favorite celebrity enticements and working on a "how to" relationship book with the working title, "69".

Matthew lives in San Francisco where he works as an office assistant for Gensler Architecture, Design & Planning Worldwide and offers his service as freelance photographer/designer for events, artists and institutes.