Morten Dysgaard (DK)


"The presence of another door" (film transferred to video)

”The presence of another door” is a film work that tells a narrative about a Pakistanian and an American man, who’s not able to see each other despite that they are in the same room. These two men representing different cultures are apparently living in the same room, but whether or not it is the same room or not, we’ll never know. It could even be the same person. ”The presence of another door” is a film work of Dysgaard that touches upon our prejudices and our everyday assumptions. Dysgaard is questioning and challenging our sense of identity that punctuates the borders of subjectivity, nationality and contemporary stereotypes.


Morten Dysgaard makes film works that are exploring identity issues and the complexities between nations and their depictions of identity. Dysgaard uses the language of film to penetrate the borders of subjectivity. He has exhibited in different countries like USA, Switcherland, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Norway, Belgium and Denmark. Morten Dysgaard has a Master of Fine Arts degree at the Royal Danish Academy with emphasis in film- and video art in 2006, and has been supported several times by the Danish Council of Arts. He’s born in 1976 and lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.