Gudrun Hasle (DK)


Dyslexia Karaoke (performance)

As a dyslexic it feels like being inside and outside at the same time. You need to take detours to reach same knowledge as everybody else. It is a way of being different as other minorities such disabled, homosexuals, and even just as women. Dyslexia karaoke is a performance. I perform with my boyfriend in order to show my dependence of my family. My boyfriend reads the text aloud from the karaoke monitor while I try to sing as fast as possible in order to follow the song and the rhythm. Well knowing that the error repeats itself.

The performance will last approximately ten minutes.


VISA credit card

I have had my visa card for one month but only used it once. Now I can't remember the safety code. I have another credit card but it's for food and shared with my boy friend. It sounds just dull but I either have to be dull or I'll kill myself. I am forced to make rules around me otherwise I feel threatened by a complete decomposition.