Stine Marie Jacobsen (DK)
Ina Viola Blasius (DE)

"Greener than you think", video, 9.10 min, 2007

The grass is always greener on the other side. The gaze of the women signifies an ambiguous positioning in this dilemma of desire. Our title refers to an apocalyptic science-fiction novel by Ward Moore from 1947, where a suburban Los Angeles lawn is sprayed with an untested chemical spray and the grass begins to grow uncontrollably engulfing whole California.


The work of Stine Marie Jacobsen ranges widely from film to photography and drawing. Her work always depicts aspects of humanity in the sense of subjectivity or social convention and her methods derive from performance art. She incorporates humor in her work to be able to deal with strong issues on media, femininity and social interaction. She will be finishing her education with a MFA from The Royal Danish Art Academy in 2009 and is currently a student at CalArts in California, where she will be receiving a BFA in December 2007. Stine Marie Jacobsen has exhibited in USA, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Hong Kong, Mongolia and will be exhibiting in USA, Denmark, Austria and Iceland this year. She is born in 1977 and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Ina Viola Blasius works with drawing, sculpture, installation and video. With an interest in the system of networks and the positioning of one's self, Blasius researches power structures in our society. Using concrete as a material her sculptures express monumental character. Being interested in symbolic meanings she creates her own language of conditions that try to explain the character of communication. Blasius´ very silent, nearly poetic videos are documents of scientific character. Ina Viola Blasius is born in Heidelberg, Germany in 1977, currently lives in Los Angeles, California and Berlin, Germany.


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