Cecilia De Jong (DK)


Cecilia De Jong, I'm being myself, (Performance)

"I will be around the whole day wearing a nametag and stating; "I´m being myself." And I will do and say things that I would normally do. You can probably find me helping in organising stuff, preparing dinner and talking to friends.

The subject is not a fixed form with a fixed content. Being together means a lot more than just sharing space, because we mold each other in many ways. Throughout the day I Will try to be myself and try to be as honest and open as possible. I will wear a nametag and because it´s an art-event I am participating in, people might begin to doubt whether I am being "myself" og if I am "acting". Even for me, it will be difficult to separate the two, and that will make my research on the fluent subject a real everyday-life experience. Being an artist working with interventionistic and relational aesthetic approaches, I hope to question the possibility of originality. If there is no such thing as a genius or a subject of a fixed content, then there is no reason to promote and act as individuals. Can I set myself free? Well, I'll try to find out!"


I am a 28 year old woman, mother and wife. Furthermore, I am a 4th year student at The Funen Art Academy in Denmark, which is a 5 year program. I Share an apartment in Berlin with some Danish colleagues; we call it “The Berlin Office”. It’s our aim to arrange gatherings, seminars and other collaborative opportunities. All of my works involve the aspect of personal relationships. I also investigate how we constitute our subjectivity in relation to our surroundings. I find it very interesting to discover (over and over again) how our seemingly "one of a kind" personalities seem to blur when it's taken into a closer examination. I think we constitute ourselves in the mirroring of the others; I like to put up mirrors or make new relationships that can be the beginning of new personalities.