Kari Mette Josefsen (DK)

The Trick, 2007, Video, 5 min.

A magical trick is normally an incident that makes believe the impossible. Making something disappear into thin air for example. An illusion. The trick of course is not only to make something disappear, but more importantly to make it resurface again, maybe from behind someone's ear. Magic. How does something become visible, and what makes something appear invisible? The visible and the invisible are defined by each other. So what happens when all is visible and the invisibility lies in the very fact that it is in plain view?


I am interested in what art can do – rather than what it is. I like to think of my art practice as an activity. What can I do? What can we do? How is it possible to do something – anything? I work with whatever media that makes sense in a given project - video, text, a book, a poster or making a discussion happen. I am interested in language as a construction, and in the structures that dictate what we can understand when we try talking to each other.