Morten Kaer (DK)


This project is an internet blog. The blog will contain different information about super bien! and its surroundings. In some cases, I might use myself as a tool to point out some issues. The website will be updated on a continuous basis. So fell free to check it out now and then on:


Morten Kaer is born in Thisted (DK) in 1977, and he is currently living and working in Berlin, where he is an assistant for Jonathan Monk (2007). He is also a co-founder of the exhibition site, Koh-i-noor that was founded in 2004 in Copenhagen. More info on: He has been studying at Malmö Art Academy, Lund University in 2005/2006 (Sweden) and is currently studying at Funen Academy of Fine Art 2003-2008 (Denmark).