Maire Kolding Lund (DK)


"Pica Pica and the Greenhouse" (Performance)
Performance: The bird, Pica Pica is trapped inside the greenhouse. Like any other birds, it can be very difficult to find the way out of an inside space, especially when there are a lot of windows!

"Pica Pica and Global Village" (video) 2007
This is the story of the bird Pica Pica and its journey inside the Airport of Odense. We follow Pica Pica on its surreal and lonely travel, -like a never-ending journey without a start and beginning.


Marie Kolding Lund (1978) is working in the field of installations, sculptures and performances. She often starts from fiction or a story that haves its origin in another kind of reality. Through the works she combines the fictional part into a more well-known story and thereby makes it more relating to our existence and patterns of our daily lives. In Marie Kolding Lund's work, we find a very playful and almost dreamy way of perceiving and changing our surroundings. Marie has just graduated from the Funen Academy of Fine Arts and has furthermore studied in London, Helsinki and Edinburgh. She lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark and is also a member and co-founder of "Koh-i-noor", an exhibition site in Copenhagen.