Mads Lynnerup (DK/US)
Cally Martin (US)


"Balloon" (2004) Cally Martin and Mads Lynnerup, 2:05 min. "Boxing" (2005) Cally Martin 1:10 min. "High Five" (2004) Cally Martin 1:20 min. "TV-Tower Kebab" (2004) Mads Lynnerup 2:48 min.


The art of Cally Martin started out exploring the possibilities in documentary photography (observing what already exist), but most recently she has incorporated other mediums such as performance, installation, painting, and video to create more imaginative constructions, blending non-fiction and fiction.

The 3 short videos "High Five," "Balloon," and "Boxing" each investigates different forms of intimate relationships whether it's attempting to create friendship with the trees in "High Five", reflecting on sharing air and space with the person you love as in "Balloon" or observing the unconscious actions of two lovers/boxers sleeping in the video "Boxing" where the bed, traditionally used for intimacy and rest, is transformed into a boxing ring.

Mads Lynnerup

Encouraging us to take a closer look at the familiar aspects of our daily lives, Mads Lynnerup manipulates and distorts everyday situations and objects in unexpected ways that cast new light on the quotidian. Using sculpture, video, performance, and photography, his work blurs and twists the distinction between the variables and constants with which we live each day, challenging us to reexamine formulaic identifications of objects and social situations. In the video "TV-Tower Kebab" Mads asked "Grill und Schlemmerbuffet" a Döner Kebab restaurant in Mitte, Berlin to cut the kebab meat in the shape of the TV-Tower on Alexander Platz, which they can see looking out their window. The video documents the almost 13 hours long process and the atmosphere around the restaurant.


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