Line Sandvad Mengers (DK)


"Did you hear the one about the artist, the Christian and the smoker?" (Performance)

This is a project that provides badges with subjects appropriate for you to draw on, when using deadpan humour. An inaccurate use of deadpan humour makes it easy to be misunderstood. Therefore, to prevent you from insulting others unintentionally, you are encouraged to look at yourself for material. Attendants at “Deadpan Exchange II” are offered to select three, from a variety of badges, with the purpose of illustrating that you, due to personal reasons, might be joking with the selected subjects.


Line Sandvad Mengers (born 1975) focuses her investigation on human relations and the way they take place in social, cultural and political arenas. She reflects on our self-concept and where self-orchestration takes the place of immediate interaction among people. In her work, she often involves other people, to contemplate different perspectives on various subjects. In 2006, Line graduated from the Funen Academy of Fine Arts. She is a member of the Berlin Office, Neu Kölln/Kreutzberg, DE. She has exhibited nationally and abroad and currently teaches at Aarhus Art Academy.