Susan O'Malley (US)

Video still from: A Few Yards in San Jose, 2005


We Are Different, We Are The Same, photos and a certificate from the Branson high school Doodle Competition


A Few Yards in San Jose, 2005, Single Channel Video, 3:40


A San Francisco based artist and curator, Susan O'Malley uses simple and recognizable tools of engagement—offering a Pep Talk, staging a debate, distributing flyers in a neighborhood's mailbox, conducting a doodle competition at a high school—to offer entry into an understood, and sometimes humorous, interaction of everyday life. A recent graduate of California College of the Arts' Social Practice Area, O'Malley has exhibited her work in the Bay Area galleries, including Southern Exposure, Mission 17, and CCA's PlaySpace.


I want to have this conversation with you. I am looking for a moment between us, a diversion from our lives so that we can understand each other better. THIS is all part of my process. THIS is part of my practice. You, yes, YOU, are part of it. I have been gathering data, creating social research strategies, recruiting volunteers, giving pep talks, and organizing artist-in-residency programs. All for art. So that we can share this moment. You have already participated, by being here, right now, and if you have energy and enthusiasmm for more, there is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board.

Yay, ART!!! It's this very moment: You reading the words here, my voice, and this moment. This IS art! Yes!! WE ARE MAKING ART!! YAY US!!