Karen Petersen (DK)

Karen Petersen about her work for Deadpan Exchange II:
"The telling of an artpiece I only heard about" (Performance)

"I am doing a re-make of an art piece, which I've never seen, but only heard about through other peoples telling. In coherence to art, there are many rumors and stories, which are connected to a social gathering. Such stories and rumors give you status in a social, art context, both the fact of having been there, being able to entertain and posses a knowledge not everyone has.

It is presented as a puppet show, which posses the history of going from market to market entertaining with stories, spreading the word of what happened - and having a slightly moralistic, educational and satirical tone.

The piece is about the character of the piece/the happening and how this is being set into a social connection."


Karen Petersen was born in 1980 and is currently living in Copenhagen. She graduated from The Funen Art Academy in 2006. She works with personal relationships, human co-existance, social codes, proximity and private spheres. Her work also incorporates structures and how they implement certain behaviors.