Daniel Rees (UK)


"Variable Peace Up to 21" (video: 8 min)

I started thinking about this piece when watching Boetti's light boxes flash Ping-Pong-Ping-Pong in a show last year. Once I began to consider table tennis references in conceptual art, I noticed them more and more. Besides Boetti, Bill Beckley and Douglas Huebler refer to the game directly and On Kawara was known for his prowess in the particular sport.

A nice thought comes to mind of all these artists meeting up at Huebler's house for a game of round the table. After all the pointers it struck me that it must be the perfect game for conceptual artists to be playing in their spare time; simple, quietly intelligent and elegantly controlled.

Variable Peace is a video of a game of table tennis played between myself and Jonathan Monk in Berlin early 2006.


Daniel Rees is born in 1982, and he lives and works in Berlin (DE). He received his BA Fine Art at Camberwell College of Arts – First class Honour in 2004. Since then, he has been exhibiting widely in solo and group shows in various local and international locations such as Paris, Berlin, London and Copenhagen.