Zachary Royer Scholz (US)

3407 (steam, mirror), 2007, projection



Zachary Royer Scholz works collaboratively with materials not simply to form new things, but to reveal the shifting flows through which we form objects and objects form us. His work ranges from physical objects to site-specific interventions, and manifests in diverse forms including sculpture, installation, and photography. The materials and situations that he manipulates present themselves. Their preexisting nature reinforces his belief that we are always working within what is available. His work enacts the assertion that everything is affected by everything else—a series of temporary structures eroding and reforming each other endlessly. Scholz completed a BA at Stanford in 2001 and a MFA at the California College of the Arts in 2006. He is currently finishing a MA in Visual and Critical Studies through which he is investigating the changing landscape of alternative art spaces. He lives and works in Berkeley, CA.


Zachary Royer Scholz’s piece for Deadpan IV is a reaction to work by Morten Kaer (DK) from Deadpan III