Installation views from Deadpan Exchange VI

Above and from the left:

Maja Kirovska: “Sisyphus! Where is the exit?”, video-installation, TRT: 2:21 min, 2011. Maja Kirovska is reacting to the work of Nur Muskara from Deadpan Exchange V

Angel Miov: “At the Side of a Suicide” video, TRT: 2:38 min, 2011. Angel Miov is reacting to the work of Elcin Ekinci from Deadpan Exchange V

Gjorgje Jovanovic: “Poverty and Creativity”, a series of photographs, advertisements and articles, various dimensions, 2011. Gjorgje Jovanovic is reacting to the work of Suat Ogut from Deadpan Exchange V

Ilija Prokopiev: “Untitled”, 11 drawings, framed, 18 x 24 cm, acrylic and watercolor on paper, 2011. Ilija Prokopiev is reacting to the work of Fatma Chiftci from Deadpan Exchange V

Jana Jakimovska: Skopje 2014, six postcards, 2011. Jana Jakimovska is reacting to work of Esra Okyay from Deadpan Exchange V

Velimir Zhernovski: “All Beauty Will Die”, wall text, 2011. Velimir Zhernovski is reacting to the work of Mehmet Dere from Deadpan Exchange V

Zorica Zafirovska: “Invisible” Ink on large scale paper at the VGAC Gallery and stencils in the public space in Vilnius, 2011. Zorica Zafirovska is reacting to the work of Nejat Sati from Deadpan Exchange V

Installation views of the exhibition

Deadpan Exchange Presentations and Talks

Deadpan Exchange Video-screening

The facade of the VGAC Gallery, Vilnius (LT)

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