A deadpan reception (and then something in the bushes)

opening2.jpgopening1.jpgopening4.jpgopening5.jpgopening-3.jpgBrian Enevoldsen and Jonn Herschend share a moment

The official reception took place at Koh-i-noor on the 8th of June. The incomparable Brian Enevoldsen and I performed a presentation entitled “a short history of deadpan,” and then we all drank beer. The crowd was great. I was expecting the sort of walk in and walk out, hang around and talk to your friends crowd. But this crowd was really into sitting down and watching the videos or standing in front of the paintings and installations (but looking at them) for some time. It was a pleasant shock. I haven’t seen that sort of thing at an opening… I don’t think ever. There was also a lot of serious discussion about the work followed by some serious beer drinking at a beer garden that Jacob Borges led us to. At the beer garden, we all watched as a man and a woman wrestled. It looked like they had come from work and stayed until around 2AM. The man didn’t really want to wrestle, but the woman did… and so did the crowd. Some one handed me another beer and the man and the woman ran off into the bushes. Later that evening, everyone in the beer garden watched two lovers roll around in the grass (not the wrestlers). There was much discussion and gesturing toward them. It clearly seemed to be something in the air… or the beer. But during all of this, their backpacks were stolen. It was the perfect diversion. Someone slipped in and took the back-packs while all eyes were on the lovers. Later that evening… and I mean much later, we watched as an entire bench-load of beer drinkers slowly fell backwards on to the people behind them, a sort of perfect slap-stick moment with which to cap the night.

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