Deadpan in Berlin

screening (with Kara Hearn’s ET)

Here is the first attempt at documentation for the Deadpan Exchange (festival), which took place throughout the evening of June 13th at super bien! in Berlin. I should begin with a disclaimer: this blog entry does not represent all the performances and projects that took place on that fateful day, but it’s a start. As time goes on and we sort through more and more of the documentation, we will keep adding to the blog. So keep checking back.

Installation shot 1

It should also be noted that this event would most certainly not have taken place had it not been for the quick wit and fleet footedness of super bien! artist/curator Carlos Silva, who jumped in for super bien! artist/curator David Keating (who was summoned to Munich in sort of kafkaesque way at the last minute). It also should be noted that the event most definitely would not have happened without the small army of Danish artists who descended on super bien! via train, plane, and car (one of which had a giant tree strapped to it, and was not pulled over the entire way down by the German authorities… amazing!) to set up the installation. And finally, had it not been for Heidi Hove Pedersen’s Dad, there would have been no tent or car to strap the giant tree to. So thanks, Mr. Pedersen.

The festival was kicked off with a deadpan chainsaw intervention and ended at around 11:00 PM with the screening. Following this, everyone went off to Dr. Pong’s for beers and ping pong until 6:00 AM. Here’s a PDF of the events
and the projects in the courtyard .

Here’s what happened in between:

Søren and Heidi strap the tree for transport from Denmark to GermanyJens Axel Beck and Morten Kaer enlist the support of a shopping cartset-upInstallation Søren and Jens set up “45 degrees” with Carlos SilvaDeadpan installation shot #2the tree at super bien! from which Morten Espersen’s clothes pin was carved.Morten Espersen’s hand carved clothes pinRosa Marie Frang’s untitled poster on the entry gateLouise Schrader releases a Danish Butterfly into the German nature.Another shot of Louise Schrader releasing the Danish Butterfly into the German natureSøren Assenholt’s 45 degreesSøren Assenholt’s 45 degreesSøren Assenholt’s 45 degreesSøren Assenholt’s 45 degreesKaren Petersen’s puppet theater “the telling of an artpiece I only heard about.”Karen Petersen’s puppet theater “the telling of an artpiece I only heard about.”Morten Kaer looks over Line Sandvad Mengers’ performance buttonsLine Sandvad Mengers performanceLine Sandvad Mengers performancebrian Enevoldsen and the fire lotionJacob Borges administers the fire lotionfire lotionJacob Borges’ “por-table”Marie Kolding Lund’s Pica Pica and the Greenhouse performanceGudrun Hasle’s Dyslexic Karaoke performancescreeningscreening

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