Something more is happening

In september 2007, Jonn Herschend (artist and co-organizer of The Deadpan Exchange) was invited by the Koh-i-noor (DK) to show his video, Everything is Better Now at the Koh-i-noor booth at the Alternative Art Fair in Copenhagen.

Everything is Better Now is a 16 minute infomercial that falls apart. It begins on a sound stage with two video hosts who promise to fully explain the importance of ambiguity by offering a step-by-step plan complete with examples. However, the hosts’ examples—an incident in a video store, a car accident, an altercation on a city bus, an argument about a phone message and a symbolic shoe tossed into the street—slowly begin to break down and become more absurd, personal and confused as they move further from the sound stage and out into real life. In the end, Everything is Better Now, becomes the very thing that it sets out to explain, asking us to see the importance of confusion in our daily lives.

Usually it’s a really hard one – to show one semi-long video at an art fair – but a lot of people sat down and watched the whole thing – and got really excited! Below are a few images from the art fair.



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