Deadpan in Denmark

koh-i-noor from the streetAlex, Jonn, Jimmy, and Karakara’s worklooking out to the streetSusan, Jimmy, and Alexsusan’s pieceRyan Thayer’s untitled (Bauhaus) and Will Rogan’s “One thing I can tell you is you’ve got to be free.”chen and clausenback roomwill image

The show is up and running. And some good news has come our way. The Deadpan Exchange series has just received a very healthy grant from the Danish Arts Council. And the lab in San Francisco has agreed to host the San Francisco Deadpan Exchange show. We are currently working out the dates for this show, so expect more info on this as we go along.

Tonight is the reception for the Deadpan Exchange show, and I’ll be performing a presentation in collaboration with Brian Enevoldsen entitled “a short history of deadpan.” We’ve been rehearsing it for past three days, and we are happy with the way it’s going. I’ll get some more photos up of the opening and maybe the performance.

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