How could this happen?

May 25th, 2007

There was a big group Dim Sum brunch in San Francisco about two years ago where I first met Heidi Hove Pedersen. Then, almost a year later, there was a discussion about a show in Copenhagen at Koh-i-noor. There were a handful of artists here in the bay area whose work seemed very deadpan in one form or another (both comic and tragic). And we were interested in working together in order to further explore this aesthetic. So it just made sense to pitch this to Heidi and Koh-i-noor. Out of this came Deadpan Exchange 1. And then there was an invite to do some sort of something at Koh-i-noor’s Berlin “office.” We tossed around some ideas of doing a sort of screening there, and then this turned into an e-mail discussion with David Keating, who is one of the founders of super bien! in Berlin (and whom I met in 05 when the two of us were in residency in Norway at LKV). Out of this there evolved a sort of Deadpan Festival (complete with sausages and beer) and a flood of amazing artists from Denmark (thanks to Heidi), the US and Germany (and one from Spain and another from Canada). And then there’s this amazing website, which was made on the fly by Max La Riviere-Hedrick. And finally there is Deadpan III, which will be taking place in San Francisco in the fall or spring of 07 or 08 with the artists from the Koh-i-noor collective who will be creating works that are reactions to the SF artist’s work in Copenhagen .

So that’s the background. I’m about to get on the plane on Friday to go over and help install Deadpan 1 and work on a performance piece for the opening. I’ll be checking in here and there and providing what photos I can, but (if this is supposed to work correctly), there will be a few others who will be contributing to this blog, including Heidi.

It’s also important to note there will be another blog, which will serve as an art piece for the Berlin show. This blog is by Morten Kaer, and you can find it at

That’s all for now,

Jonn Herschend