Part IV: Izmir

K2 Contemporary Art Center, Izmir, Turkey, April 10-May 25, 2009
Organized by Heidi Hove (DK) and Jonn Herschend (US)

Opening Reception: Friday, April 10, 6:00-9:00 PM

Cumhuriyet Blv. No: 54 Büyük Kardiçalı Han Kat:2 Konak-Izmir/Turkey

Image design by Ryan Thayer (US)

Artists involved: Kristin Lucas (US), Tucker Nichols (US), Jenifer K Wofford (US), Zachary Royer Scholz (US), Jon Rubin (US), Lindsey White (US), and Ali Dadgar (IR/US)

The work presented by the seven US based artists is the fourth part in a series of international deadpan exchanges, which began in Denmark and Berlin in the summer of 2007. In each of the shows, the artists are actively involved in a give-and-take of deadpan communication… a sort of classic comedy exchange. The work exhibited here at K2 by the seven US artists is a reaction to the work of the seven Danish Artists of the Koh-I-Noor collective who exhibited in San Francisco at The Lab in February of 2007 for Deadpan Exchange III.

From here, seven Turkish artists will create reactions to the works of the seven US artists, and these reactions will be exhibited in another country, the location of which is still being determined.

While the Deadpan Exchange series serves as a means of exploring deadpan communication on an international scale, it also serves as a way to bring diverse groups of artists together from different places in the world and begin a dialog that might not otherwise take place outside of formal institutions.

DEADPAN EXCHANGE IV has been made possible in part by The Danish Arts Council.